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Spotswood Consulting provides professional Business Development and Capture Management Services for a number of satisfied customers.

Business development consulting servicesOrganizations hire Spotswood Consulting to perform Business Development activities that include benchmarking current sales activities, analyzing market opportunities, development of strategic market planning, new customer acquisition, maximization of current accounts, and sales force development and training. Spotswood Consulting acts on the behalf of our clients to identify opportunities, strengthen partner relationships, and assist them in closing sales in their perspective line of business. To their clients, we are a full time employee of the organization. In addition, Spotswood Consulting can utilize client services to deliver engagements on our behalf as part of our strategic partner "eco-system."



Have you ever considered what it would mean for your company if you had an outside source, that understood your industry as well or better than you, that could analyze your current marketing and sales efforts, and give you real time suggestions that would catapult the growth of your business? Most business owners and segment leaders have wished for exactly that. Especially when sales are flat or declining, your current sales efforts aren’t bringing in the revenue you know you are capable of, and there are companies or market segments that you want to penetrate.

At Spotswood Consulting we can give you the kind of analysis that includes:

  • Benchmarking current sales activities. Where are you being successful and where are areas of opportunity?
  • Identifying current customers for potential sales growth
  • Identifying new markets and new potential clients.
  • Resources recap and identification
  • Industry perception research

Once you know exactly where you stand in the market, how your clients perceive you, and where your areas of opportunity are it’s easy to go to the next step.



As a member of your team we work with you and your staff to create a total plan for sales growth. We dig in, roll up our sleeves and uncover all of the truths about who buys your product or service and why. Using these facts about your company we then identify short term and long term opportunities for growth. Taking resources into consideration we develop a written plan that insures your sales grow in the way that is best for you, not too fast or too slow. If new resources are needed we identify them and work that into our strategic plan. Sometimes sales need to grow before additional resources can be added, we understand how to make that happen, for maximum new customer acquisition.



Have all of your eggs in one basket? Worried about what would happen to your revenue if you lost that big account? Are there some potential clients that you know would be a great fit for your company but your current sales efforts can’t reach them? We can help you with that. As a member of your team we can reach them for you as your sales staff or support for the sales team you already have in place. At Spotswood Consulting we realize that companies may need some assistance in diversifying their customer base or penetrating there current base more fully. This is the core of our business development service.



As top sales people we know what it takes to get the job done. We assist our clients with their team in the following ways:

  • Analysis of skill level of current team weighed against outlined objectives
  • Additional team members added as needed
  • Onsite training of sales people and co-appointments for maximum results
  • Personal coaching as necessary
  • Work with team until they are performing to expectations
  • Written training manuals and scripts


Every organization is bogged down with manual, repetitive, time consuming processes that are important, but not a strategic use of costly existing staffing. To address this issue, Spotswood Consulting, provides an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop automation solution.


Contact us today to utilize our business development services and move your business forward.

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