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Technology is only as effective as the strategy and design put into place during implementation.

At Spotswood Consulting we know that organizational frustration can be caused when strategy and design don’t take into account customer experience and company staffing. Instead of the usual consulting company method of making technology the driver for new projects, Spotswood Consulting takes the technology and plans a strategy around the people and the processes for seamless integration.

This promotes ease of use for staff and enhances their ability to use the new technology to generate revenue for your business faster and more effectively. People, processes, and technology, we make sure they all work together for your business.



All of our consultants have deep experience with project management and technology implementation, that is a given. What makes our approach special is our independence from any one technology provider.

Our partner “eco system” comprised of numerous established technology and service providers ensures maximum synergy for you and your staff. Our trusted partners are yours. We deliver the highest quality experience without the high price tag.

Documentation is also a critical part of every technology project, and, unfortunately, in many cases, it is forgotten. Upon completion of every project, Spotswood Consulting has a standard documentation package. If the project is federally funded or governed by FDA regulations or other legislation, the documentation package provided includes mandated documentation guidelines.



Many of our competitive consulting firms understand the technology, but rarely do they understand how the changes in technology will affect the staff, customers, and processes of their organization.

At Spotswood Consulting we understand the complex layers of connections between people, processes, and technology so we can troubleshoot ahead of implementation and take into account any and all changes that will occur.



Spotswood Consulting’s team has extensive experience as an end-user, vendor, and consultant. This makes us unique and brings a more qualified understanding of the cause and effect produced by changing technology in the workplace.

We can provide your staff with the support necessary to smooth out the bumps and produce more revenue for you in the shortest possible time frame. We know that when your staff needs an answer, revenue and overhead are on the line.



Every new technology product that you bring into your company will have its rewards and challenges. With the extensive management experience of our staff we have seen, used, and understood the long term effects of a myriad of technology changes and how they affect your business.

Our experience will shield you from unintended consequences and down time and maximize the upside. And we can help you with the management and reporting tools that you need: Staffing, vendor management, budgeting, business planning and development, goals, employee acknowledgement and rewards, just to name a few.

Our long experience as end users gives us the advantage of often knowing the vendors products better than their own implementation team.


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