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ERP – A company’s most important computing system: The application platform that a company chooses for running its business operation can often be a key element in the overall success or failure of the company.

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We assist businesses and organizations with finding the optimal business computing system to suit their short term and long term needs. For many companies, they are ready to move to SAP or Oracle (Tier-1 applications). For others, they are ready to move to a more cost-effective Tier-2 solution that still meets their specific business and industry needs.

An ERP project requires serious commitment and support by the executive leadership, along with experienced guidance in the selection and implementation stages. Spotswood Consulting has extensive experience with leading successful ERP projects – for multi-billion dollar companies and for small-medium sized companies.

How we assist in the selection process

Spotswood Consulting has developed and utilized its own world-class business system selection methodology that includes:

  • Identifying and prioritizing the business requirements of the new system.
  • Knowing which of the more than 50 vendor products are most likely to meet the business requirements.
  • Quickly obtaining initial pricing and scoping estimates to allow short-listing of 2-4 vendors.
  • Coordinating vendor demos that are customized to address the key business requirements and concerns.
  • Recommending and installing the necessary upgrades in hardware and software
  • Assessing the risks associated with staying on the current system versus changing to a new system (Risk Assessment).
  • Coordinating detailed reference checks on software and system integrator vendors.
  • Leading the contract review process to minimize the total cost and the risks associated with the ERP project.

For small to medium sized companies, the selection process can typically be completed in about 1-3 months. For large companies and entities, the process can take 4-7 months.

  • Early Stage Company
    Small Business Packages: QuickBooks, Peachtree
  • Small-Medium Sized Company
    Tier-2 Applications: QAD, Microsoft, Expandable, NetSuite, Intacct
  • Rapidly Growing Medium-Large Sized Company
    Tier-1 Applications: SAP, Oracle or Custom Developed Applications

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Factors We Consider:

  • The Total Cost of Ownership over 3-5 years for a new business system, including: Software and hardware costs, System Integrator consulting resources, Project backfill resources, and Specialized staffing requirements to support the new application.
  • Scalability of the system
  • Interfaces to existing systems
  • Whether the application will need to be customized
  • The overall implementation plan and the steps that will need to be executed
  • Timing for project start and go-live and its impact on audits and overall company profit and loss
  • Leveraging price and contract negotiation strategies with vendors
  • Whether a cloud-based SaaS or hosted model is right for your company


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