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Corporate responsibility defines our role in providing a positive impact on the world around us. The founders and owners of Spotswood Consulting believe that giving back and contributing to the community is just as important as building for the future. In fact, these beliefs enable our organization to make a lasting and positive impact to the community.

To that end Spotswood Consulting is proud to sponsor the American Cancer Society in Honor of Godfrey “Joe” Spotswood who lost his battle with cancer in January 2013, as so many others have.

Spotswood Consulting is inspired and passionate about the effects of cancer that we have decided to take upon an active role in assisting in the battle against cancer. As a result, we are an active participant with the American Cancer Society in honor of Mr. Spotswood who stood strong, with dignity, and confidence with other cancer patients, families, friends, and organizations that are working diligently on identifying the cure, in the battle against cancer.

About the American Cancer Society and Why We Endorse Them

The American Cancer Society was founded in 1913 as the American Society for the Control of Cancer (ASCC) by 15 prominent physicians and business leaders in New York City. At that time, a cancer diagnosis amounted to near certain death. Physicians sometimes did not even tell their patients they had cancer, and patients often did not tell their friends and families if they had been diagnosed there was so much shame and fear associated with the disease. The American Cancer Society bravely set about changing the public perception of cancer and devoted themselves to a cure.

The Society’s founders knew they had to raise public awareness about cancer if progress was to be possible. The number of doctors, nurses, patients, and family members to be reached was overwhelming. Despite the enormity of their task, the founders set about writing articles for popular magazines and professional journals; publishing Campaign Notes, a monthly bulletin of cancer information; and recruiting physicians throughout the country to help educate the public.

The American Cancer Society logo presents a contemporary, powerful, and cohesive entity. The trapezoidal shape with the angled edge suggests forward movement, aspiration, and growth. The overall design creates the image of a flag being carried forth toward victory. This symbol is intended to unite people in the common goal to save lives from cancer.

At Spotswood Consulting we know that if we all take a moment we can think of many friends and relatives that have survived, have been cured, or are suffering from this pervasive illness. Today’s statistics note that 1 in 3 women and 1 in 2 men will contract some form of the disease in their lifetime. No other organization does as much or has done as much to promote awareness and strive for cures like The American Cancer Society. We support your desire to donate today!


American Cancer Society - Finish the Fight

  1. Go to the donation page
  2. Under "Gift Type," choose In Honor of/In Memory of Godfrey Spotswood (or the name of your friend or family member)

Relay for Life - American Cancer Society

Relay for Life for Godfrey Spotswood

  1. Go to the event page
  2. Click on "Donate"
  3. Click "Search for a Team"
  4. Type and Select Godfrey Spotswood
  5. Click Donate

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