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Spotswood Consulting is focused upon solving business pains for our customers by taking a unique, and holistic approach to Corporate Performance Management.

Corporate Performance Management Solutions

We based this upon the integration of industry best practices with an enterprise architecture platform, delivering a solution for aligning strategy with execution, and maximizing profitability, productivity, and performance.

Spotswood Consulting has world class experts with the proven ability to integrate the industry leading Business Intelligence and Enterprise Planning software.

Corporate Performance Management / Business Intelligence (BI)

From strategy to execution, the most critical factor affecting performance management is the quality, accuracy and timeliness of an organization’s information. Business Intelligence is the enabling technology that supports an organization’s performance management. Spotswood Consulting works with clients to ensure they are ready for a BI initiative. We do this by conducting a BI readiness assessment along with a business case. Our team of trained, certified, and experienced BI consultants set out a clear BI roadmap that aligns with both the client’s current day-to-day commitments and their long-term plans. We transform the volumes of data an organization collects into meaningful information the client can use to improve decision-making and performance.

As the problem solver of business pain, Spotswood Consulting is able to provide value in these ways:

  • Source for single-truth data
  • Supports Operational Excellence
  • Reduction in manual effort in data gathering/preparation of reports
  • Empowered and engaged workforce
  • Integration and standardization of information
  • Creation of common definitions
  • Support evidence-based decision making
  • Respond faster to new business opportunities
  • Reduce the risk of key corporate knowledge (assets) leaving the company (through employee turnover)
  • Improved access to information
  • Insight into leading and lagging indicators
  • Improved alignment vertically and horizontally
  • IT will be meeting the information needs of the business

Spotswood Consulting’s services are aimed at improving the long term, strategic health of your organization, often targeted at a specific division, unit process, or function.

Contact us today to utilize our corporate performance management solutions and move your business forward.


How Ready Are You?
  • BI Vision
  • Phased BI Roadmap
  • BI software options
  • High level BI implementation plan with estimated timing
  • BI Implementation costs and assumptions
  • BI best practice considerations
Where Are You Today?
  • Key documentation review
  • Interview ~5-7 key stakeholders
  • Understand technology infrastructure
  • Limitations, challenges, and weaknesses with current process
  • Understand business processes and people issues
Where Do You Want To Be?
  • Present ideal future state Business Intelligence System
  • High Level BI Business Case
  • Information Management Strategy Considerations
  • Present BI options with pro’s and con’s for each option
  • Analyze gaps from current state to ideal future state
How Do You Get There?
  • BI Readiness Assessment
  • Review BI Maturity Model
  • BI 101 Education
  • Confirm elements of Business Intelligence involvement
  • Confirm project goals, objectives and scope


The dedication and integrity Spotswood Consulting displayed allowed us to capture market opportunities and increase our production and revenue.

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