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Companies today are increasingly looking to managed services to provide cost cutting measures and efficiencies that may not be possible to develop within their own firms.

Spotswood Consulting offers expertise to plan your business technology solutions.Specializing in a wide variety of disciplines, our identified proficiencies match the core competencies of our talented workforce. Spotswood Consulting utilizes a consultative approach that focuses on people, processes, and technology with the understanding that technology is only effective when deployed and used correctly for maximum return on investment. We begin with the customer experience and develop a strategic plan that incorporates best practices and exceeds industry standards.

Call us today for one of our managed services and enjoy the extra time to develop your business!

  • Back Office Management: Automate manual tasks, gain visibility into operations, track and report accurately, optimize your workforce and possess an audit trail with a chain of custody
  • Cloud Computing and Cloud Servers
  • Deployment services: Identify, survey install, migrate, cable, and maintain technology equipment within retail, hospitality, healthcare, financial and government IT environments
  • Hosted Exchange: Solutions designed to scale
  • IT and Business Process Automation
  • Mobile Solutions: Information at your fingertips, when and where you need it
  • Online Backup: Complete data protection with enterprise quality solutions and security
  • Optimized Print Services: Comprehensive print management services save money and environmental impact
  • Global Outsourced Services: The best solutions for you near, on, or off shore
  • SharePoint and SharePoint Solutions: You and your staff work anywhere, anytime
  • Webhosting

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Managed Services Solutions:

  • Back Office Management
  • Cloud Computing and Cloud Servers
  • Deployment Services
  • Hosted Exchange
  • IT and Business Process Automation
  • Mobile Solutions
  • Online Backup
  • Optimized Print Services
  • Global Outsourced Services
  • SharePoint and SharePoint Solutions
  • Webhosting


The dedication and integrity Spotswood Consulting displayed allowed us to capture market opportunities and increase our production and revenue.

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